L-IP EIA709/IP Router  

The L-IP product family integrates LonWorks networks with Ethernet/IP networks at an affordable price and with a simple installation. L-IP transparently routes packets from LonWorks networks over Ethernet/IP channels based on the two open standards ANSI/EIA-709 (LonTalk®) und CEA/EIA-852 (LonTalk® over IP) . Ethernet can be used as a high performance backbone, which connects even the most widespread subsystems in a large network installation. L–IP can even connect LonWorks networks over the Internet with a secure and reliable communication path.

Simple installation

L-IP is easy to install with only a few simple steps. The mechanical installation is on a standard DIN rail or onto a wall. The software configuration supports DHCP, NAT, and masquerading on the Ethernet/IP side. This allows L-IP to be used behind firewalls and to communicate across firewalls. A configuration server for the IP channel is already built into L-IP, which completely eliminates the maintenance intense PC acting as the configuration server.

Interoperability - L-IP likes it

L–IP supports the full CEA/EIA-852 standard. Therefore L–IP effortlessly works together with Echelons VNI and can be used as a remote network interface. LNS applications communicate direct over Ethernet with L-IP - this saves the LonWorks network interface card inside the PC and in addition the job can be done from remote. The routing module inside L-IP is compatible with standard routers and it seamlessly integrates with LNS based tools.

Optimal network segmentation - with L-IP and L-Switch guaranteed

It has never been easier to efficiently structure LonWorks networks. L–Switch multi-port routers provide the local segmentation using a low-cost, high performance TP–1250 backbone channel to communicate between multiple L-Switches. The connections between the local LonWorks networks are handled by up to 200 L-IP devices on a single, high performance, virtual Ethernet channel.

Network diagnostics - with L–IP included

Reliable operation of network infrastructure requires powerful system diagnostics tools. L–IP integrates seamlessly into the LOYTEC System Diagnostics Tool (LSD-Tool). The LSD Tool provides important system parameters about the health condition of your network. Detailed analysis can be done with the protocol analyzer LPA-IP. Based on the award winning user interface of the LPA-PP and LPA-USB the LPA-IP records and analyzes all LonWorks data packets on an Ethernet/IP channel and on the LonWorks channels of connected L–IP devices.  

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