OSS 2000  

  Display, Trend & Log Plant & Process Data
  Open System Architecture
  Network Ready & Secure
  Intuitive & Easy to Use with 3,000+ Images Included
  Create Amazing Graphics in True 24bit Colour
  Powerful Alarm Handling
  Compatible with Pagers & GSM phone
  Scripting Language based on Visual Basic
  Wide range of drivers available

OSS 2000 is a software package that enables you to create your own visual interface to virtually any control or monitoring system. It is suitable for a wide range of applications from BEMS and fire detection systems through to SCADA and remote monitoring. Stunning graphics handling lets you generate and see the layout of your building and/or plant services on screen. Live displays of all variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, air velocity etc. can be observed. Control parameters can be implemented or changed as required, either locally, across the internet, local network and by telephone.
An Open System Architecture
OSS 2000 has been designed from the outset with an open system architecture. This allows it to be used with the vast majority of new and existing control and monitoring systems. OSS 2000 has multi-driver support. A driver is a software module that lets OSS 2000 communicate with manufacturers equipment that use different software protocols. A number of drivers are already available and new drivers are being introduced on a regular basis. Drivers can also be created by the end-user or by a third party developer, using a freely available driver development toolkit.
Ease Of Use
Whilst being extremely powerful and full of cutting edge features, an essential requirement of the development of OSS 2000 was that it had to be simple to configure and operate. No costly training courses are required - just sit down and get started immediately. OSS 2000 is supplied with a complete A5 ring bound manual and has complete context sensitive online help. All configuration is carried out via easy to understand dialogue windows that present information in logical groups specific to the task in hand.
Create Amazing Graphics
The generation of plant and equipment schematics is achieved by simply importing bitmap images that can be generated via your choice of drawing package. OSS 2000 also incorporates an extensive symbol library that contains more than 3000 bitmaps. These include:
Animated two-dimensional bitmaps such as pumps and fans.
Two state bitmaps for highlighting switch status etc.
Two and three-dimensional general drawing bitmaps.
ASHRAE symbols.
Standard electrical symbols.
Once the graphics have been created, it is just a matter of dragging and dropping dynamic control points onto the schematic page then modifying properties of the object as required to complete the exercise.
Superb Remote Management
OSS 2000 incorporates powerful alarm handling facilities. Alarms can be re-directed to:
GSM compatible telephones
Other PC's running OSS 2000 (internet, local network or modem).
Users can also dial into the system to remotely retrieve data or to adjust control setpoints using a touch-tone telephone. An engineer, for example, could gain access and manage the site remotely, without the need to use a computer. Equally, a user could adjust the comfort settings of their office or adjust their lighting via the telephone on their desk.
Ultimate Programmability
OSS 2000 supports VB scripting which, being a subscript of Visual Basic, provides ultimate flexibility. This powerful extension of the system allows alarms to be processed, calculations to be made and project specific functions to be incorporated. Links can also be created to other software, such as Microsoft Excel™, offering comprehensive and flexible reporting facilities that can be automatically updated.
Powerful Alarm Handling
Comprehensive alarm handling facilities make OSS 2000 ideal for multi-site remote monitoring applications. All displayed values can be configured with change of colour on alarm, and alarm panels can trigger graphics as required. The built-in alarm database is fully accessible for ease of event tracking.
Alarms can be filtered into different user definable panels so that alarms from multiple sites or various types of plant can be managed separately, including re-transmission options.
Security With An Individual Touch
Provision for security within OSS 2000 is extremely flexible - each individual control point can have its own security level. All system changes are logged with user ID, level and time. System configuration, alarm acknowledgement and remote connections can all be assigned separate access levels.
Designed For Networking
OSS 2000 uses a browser-style interface and systems can connect over the internet, intranet or directly via a modem. Designed for both large and small applications, it will run on Windows95/98 & NT4. The client/server architecture means that a client anywhere on the IT network can take control of the server PC to implement changes as required.
Due to lack of support in NT4™ for voice modems, when run under this operating system the telephone control options of OSS 2000 will not be available.
It is understood that NT5 (or Windows 2000) will add the support for these features.
Windows 95™ version must be 4.00.950B or later.
Future Expandability
OSS 2000 was designed from the outset with hooks for add-on programs. We call these programs Plug-Ins.
This allows us to write programs that will work in conjunction with OSS 2000 to extend functionality or provide user specific options at any time in the future.
LonWorks Compatible
OSS 2000 is supplied with a LonWorks LNS driver, and caters for the seamless integration of LonWorks compatible controllers, available from many manufacturers.
Trend Compatible
OSS 2000 is supplied with a Trend IQ driver, and provides a powerful, cost effective solution for existing and new Trend installations.  OSS 2000

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