Protocol Analyser  

  Runs on Windows95, Windows98 and WindowsNT 4.0
  High-speed packet capturing (thousands of packets/s)
  Software selectable transceivers: FTT-10/LPT-10, TP-XF1250, TP-XF2500, TP-RS485
  Bit-rates between 300bps and 2.5Mbps
  Automatic bit-rate detection
  On-line packet monitoring
  Time-stamping of each packet (1s resolution)
  Comprehensive packet filter functions on each layer of the network protocol
  Complete packet interpretation down to bit-level
  Conversion of network addresses and variables into symbolic names
  Interpretation of network management and diagnostic messages
  Interpretation of SNVTs (Standard Network Variable Types)
  Error tracking in packets with protocol errors
  Various forms of packet visualisation
  Extensive packet statistics (short packets, CRC errors, packets/s, etc.)
  Packet simulation for test purposes
  Long-term packet recording capability
  Storing and exporting packet logs (e.g. to Excel spreadsheets)
  Off-line browsing of stored packet log files
  LPA Plug-In interface for application specific
  interpretation of user and application data
  LPA Server function for forwarding received frames to third party applications (LPA Clients) for further processing

The LOYTEC Protocol Analyzer (LPA) listens to EIA709.1 networks (and similar networks) and displays all recorded frames on a PC screen. Furthermore, every received packet is time-stamped with a 1s resolution to allow very accurate response time measurements, enhanced channel analysis, and detailed monitoring in transaction based systems.

Thanks to its long-time recording capability, which is only limited by the available hard disc space, even transient faults can be detected and recorded.

The LPA hardware plugs into the parallel printer port of a PC. Three different transceivers are available on the interface box (FTT-10/LPT-10, TP-XF1250/TP-XF2500, TP-RS485). After setting up the LPA software, incoming packets from the network can be logged and displayed on-line during the logging process. With its filtering, conversion and statistical functions, the LPA can extract just the information the user wants to see. The LPA supports bit-rates up to 2.5 Mbps and long packets (up to 8192 bytes).

Different software interfaces of the LPA provide cooperation with external applications. Packet data can be exported to spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. The display of packets within the LPA can be adapted using the Plug-In option. Furthermore, the LPA Server can forward information to client applications on-line.  

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