L-Switch LS-13333C  

High-tech in a small form factor makes the L-Switch the ideal solution for structured wiring in LonWorks networks. From small to large size networks – the L-Switch is the perfect component right from the planning phase all the way to the successful operation of your network infrastructure.

5 Ports replace up to 4 traditional Routers

New possibilities arise from the unique design feature of the L-Switch. With its 5 network ports it can directly connect 4 FT-10 channels and still leave one port available to connect to a high-speed backbone channel. In larger networks this high-speed TP-1250 backbone channel can be used to connect multiple L-Switches. The communication between the different network segments happens completely transparent to the nodes on the different segments and the operator of the network.

Plug and Play - We keep what we promise

Unpack, connect, power-on – done. As easy as that is the installation of the L-Switch. No complicated configuration is required to put the L-Switch into operation. Immediately after power-up the L-Switch starts learning the network topology and assigns the nodes and groups to the different network ports. Highly efficient routing algorithms guarantee the optimum forwarding of data packets in the network.

Network Diagnostics – Your Lifeline to Success

The L-Switch continuously monitors the health condition of your entire network. Each network port has a multi-color LED that indicates valuable status information. Flashing green means network activity, flashing or steady red means trouble (traffic overload condition, noise on the network cable, etc.) on this network segment.

“LSD” stands for LOYTEC System Diagnostics and is the perfect tool to manage LonWorks networks. It collects statistics information from all L-Switches in the entire network and presents the gathered information in an easy to use form to the installer and the operator of the network. Health monitoring around the clock – our contribution to the success of your network  

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