Attractive architectural-grade packaging
  Simple, easy-to-use interface
  Backlit LCD
  Pre-programmed for single-stage roof-top unit control
  4 relays which can be reprogrammed for any purpose (model 21 only)
  Wiring base allows electricians to install wiring without expensive electronics
  Protection against reverse wiring and power supply transients protect against common hardware failures

The Smart Stat model ST31 is a Neuron based thermostat controllers containing relays for local control of terminal units. The Smart Stat comes from the factory programmed to control a standard single stage roof-top unit. Other firmware functions can be downloaded into the module such as different displayed units. Factory programmed features include:
local setpoint control with limits which can be changed via the network
four application control modes: auto, heat, cool and off
manual fan control
network broadcast of local temperature, setpoint and terminal unit status
setpoint, temperature offset and control delta adjustments from the network
and button combination for logical installation.
The Smart Stat can be reprogrammed using VisualControl to creat a multifunctional room controller.  Smart Stat

 Neuron    3150, 10 MHz
 Neuron Firmware    Version 7
 Memory    16 KBytes User Space
 Temperature Measurement   
 Temperature Accuracy    1C (can be improved with on-site calibration)
 Stability    0.5 C
 Relay Max Voltage    60V peak
 relay Max Current    1A @ 24Vac/dc
 Operating Storage Temperature    -40 to 85C
 Operating Temperature    0 to 70C
 Relative Humidity    5 to 95%
 Supply Voltage    21-40Vdc or 15-28Vac @ 35-45 mA
 Dimensions    124mm x 79mm x 23mm

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