U-1389 Energy Meter  

Active Energy, 4-Wire 3-Phase Current, PTB Approval, 1//5 A, LCD

The U1389 energy meter acquires active energy in 4-wire, three-phase current systems via current transformers, and can be used universally for measuring and billing electrical energy in household, industrial and building management applications. Type approval and calibration allow for official billing of electrical energy to third parties. Momentary circuit loads can be evaluated at any time with the help of the additional instantaneous power display.
S0 Pulse Output and LonWorks connectivity.

Integrated error recognition for incorrect phase sequence, missing phases, current transformers with reversed polarity, measuring range overloads and missing bus connections saves valuable time and test equipment during troubleshooting.

Active energy measurement (import) per EN 61036, class 1
with electronic anti-reversing
Instantaneous power for the evaluation of momentary circuit loads
Can be expanded for additional measured mains quantities
5//1 transformer connection, adjustable, calibratable transformation ratios
Export variant available for 60 Hz line frequency
Displays installation errors without additional measuring equipment
S0 pulse output or 230 V, adjustable pulse rate and pulse duration
Label field for individualized identification
Meter readings can be optionally viewed when the electrical circuit is switched off
Minimal space requirements thanks to compact design
Mounts to DIN rail per EN 50022
Type approval: PTB
More Transparence During Actual Operation
In addition to active energy and instantaneous power, the multifunctional variant (M1) also displays individual phase current, voltage, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor and frequency by simply pressing a key. Voltage level, individual phase utilization, reactive power component and compensation can thus be continuously evaluated during operation.

Universal Bus Interface
The energy meters transmit meter readings and other data to data logging, billing and optimizing systems, as well as building automation and control technology applications, via optional interfaces.

LON interface with FTT-10A transceiver (W1)
M-bus interface per EN 1434-3 (W2)
L-bus interface for battery operated HYDRO-RADIO 868 radio module (W3)
Diverse Calibration Capability - Approved for Official Billing
The energy meters can be supplied as calibrated variants (P1), and additionally with calibration certificate (P2), for official energy billing. In accordance with legal requirements, the calibration certificate may not show any measurement error. Depending upon requirements, the following variants are possible:

Calibrated main display for primary energy, transformation ratios specified with the order can be fixed (Q9) and calibrated, calibrated pulse output with reference to primary energy and a fixed pulse rate based upon CTxVT (V1,V3)
Calibrated main display for secondary energy, fixed transformation ratios CT=VT=1 (Q0), calibrated pulse output with reference to secondary energy and a fixed pulse rate of 1000 pulses per kWh (V1, V3)
Uncalibrated main display for primary energy, adjustable transformation ratios (Q1) in combination with calibrated auxiliary display for secondary energy, calibrated pulse output with reference to secondary energy and a fixed pulse rate of 1000 pulses per kWh (V1, V3)
Meter Reading and Bus Operation with Electrical Circuit Switched Off.

The meter can be optionally equipped with a 24 V DC auxiliary power input (H1) for assured discharge-free voltage, which allows for direct meter reading, or remote meter reading for bus compatible variants, even when the electrical circuit is switched off. Meter reading is possible without continuously active supply power with the help of the UBAT-24V battery pack  

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